Saturday, April 2, 2016

Zip Zip

Astrid is a member of a youth group that the Rotary Club sponsors.  It is a service group that does "good deed" works.  They have paid for the members to attend a workshop near Little Rock.  I have not actually been told, but I can imagine it teaches leadership and alternatives to bad behaviours like bullying, etc.  The workshop is mainly outdoors I believe.  Astrid sent this photo of her zip lining!  I looks like an  exciting adventure to me.
Greta had a soccer game today and you can see she loves zip, zip, just like Astrid!  She loves to run and chase the ball.  She is kind when others want control.  She is a little jewel, indeed!

Sigrid and I walked Astrid's dog at the trail while Laura ran.  I enjoyed the conversation wtih Sigrid as we were led down the trail by Sky.  She is used to Astrid holding the lead and I know she wondered what was going on.  Probably thought she was stuck in one of those slow motion movies!


Erin said...

3 goals today. She played the entire game.

Sister--Three said...

i know she loved getting to play the entire game. Go Greta Go!