Saturday, April 30, 2016

Rotary Ann

This is Larry and his Momma.  Picture was taken at the Rotary Ann on Highway 7.  It has since been remodeled.  It is a nice place to stop going up 7 as it has a bathroom.   Larry's Mother had the lamp below.   Granny gave it to Ethel.  I recall that it came from the Humphrey relatives who live near Niagara, New York.  I will  have to call Uncle Walter and get the complete story.  Ethel gave it to her son, Gary.  Gary's wife died a April 19.  Well, this week he brought the lamp to give to Laura.  It is really pretty.   My girls cherish all the family keepsakes.  I never worry when I "give" them some old thing that they might just throw it away.  Gary said he had a Bible of his Mom's and he was giving it to Erin.  I know if he does she will cherish it.


Anonymous said...

The lamp is beautiful. What a wonderful family heirloom. ~Amy-Patsy

Margie's Musings said...

You should take that to Antiques Roadshow. I imagine it's worth some money.