Thursday, April 28, 2016

Garden Sass

 Larry brought the Cub over with the hillers on it.  He had me put pulversized lime in the furrow and then he hilled it.  I will put tomatoes here.  I should have added the cow manure before he hilled the row but it was in the bucket of the Kubota and we did not bring it up from the shed.  I will put it in as I plant them.  The tomatoes are in the cold frame.  They are about 2 inches tall.  It will be a while before they can be set out in the big garden.
Larry hilled the red potatoes too.  The cabbage are starting to head.  I planted red potatoes because that is what Daddy always planted.  Richard told me to plant white as they keep better.  I did once but I decided to plant what I like and not what will keep best.

 Here are the two rows of the Pintos Laura and Sigrid planted for me.
 Erin sent me a picture of Clayton by phone.  I think they call this "spring" pictures and take them at school.  Clayton's is really good.  He wore those boots here once and I put my foot in them.  Perfect fit.  Clayton is really a tall, slim boy.  His Uncle Clayton would be proud.
 Ingrid's dance group sell these shirts to earn money and she is sporting hers in the photo below.


Erin said...

Clayton is 49 inches tall. We measured the other day. Greta 45 -- I think she was standing on her tippy toes and Greg didn't notice.

Anonymous said...

I love tractors and would love to see this one work. ~Amy-Patsy