Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beans Are Up

Helen sent me a picture of her Hummingbird.  He is so beautiful.  I am too slow to get a picture of mine.
 I planted two rows of Contender Bush Green beans and Laura planted two rows of Improved Pintos for me.  All four rows were up this morning and nothing was there last evening.  Warm nights are what make the garden grow.
 Here is one of Sigrid's peppers.  I did not let my chickens out yesterday because they were nibbling on the leaves.  Sig and I put pots on top of them when the chickens started doing it.  You can see the little bites out of the leaf.  They were only interested because we had just set them out.  In a few days I can let them out and they will have forgotten about them.

 In the back garden, we planted Black Diamond watermelons, Hale's Best Cantaloupe and Tendersweet Orange watermelon.  Larry bought bags of cow manure to put under the melons.  I do hope they make.  Below is a melon from the past.
 Above you can see my tamatoes have a ways to go before I can set them out.  I will have cow manure to put in the hills and Larry is going to till in a bag of lime to help keep the rot disease out of them.

Below --Patsy-Amy--am I cultivating a weed.  Surely it is a flower!

 My new Patsy has started her own Blog.  She will have to tell me where it is so I can go see and add a link.  Above is a bronze Iris and below a yellow.  Remember, Sisters, Momma called them Flags!
My little Greta before school today.  Erin sent it by phone.  Phones are neat to keep in touch.  Greta wants to play outside every afternoon.  One day it was drizzling rain and she still cried to go out.  She told her Mom that she had to work on her muscles!
 My OLD Patsy told me to kill the King as he WOULD eat my hen eggs but I just could not do it yesterday.  He lived near the hen house last year and I don't think he ate any eggs.  I know he will catch the mice that go after my chicken feed.  I keep it in a barrel but there is still lots of food in the pen and it does attract mice.  Patsy-Amy should I have chopped his head off?


Sunshine said...

Arkyhomesteadgirl is Amy's blog.

Anonymous said...

My blog is no where near the stage that yours is, but I have had fun setting it up. I have posted two days now. :) Doug always says to leave the king snakes alone. But, I don't like snakes of any kind. Yes, my blog is arkyhomesteadgirl. The flower looks like a lily to me.
Tell me what you think of my blog. ~Amy Patsy