Friday, April 29, 2016


Job 5:10
"He gives rain on the earth And sends water on the fields,
So thankful for the good shower on our garden today.  It really was in need of a good drink.
 Thankful for Astrid's success in the Conference Track Meet last night--
First in the mile run
First in the 800 relay
Second in the two mile run
Fourth in the 800 meter run
By her lonesome she captured 33 points for the Cyclones.  Her Coaches nominated her for "Athlete of the Night"...I say she deserved the nod!
 The Cyclones won Conference!   Astrid has lots of friends in this group.  I know she was ecstatic.  She almost did not get to go.  Her soccer coach scheduled a make up game and wanted her to go with them.  So glad she was able to "Roll with the Cylcones" as Jerry Thompson always said.
 I don't know how long between photos but look how Greta has grown.  I hope it works out for her and Clayton to go to Aunt Helen's some.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  I want them to know my Sisters.  I think Clayton and Robert will love playing with all that stuff Clayton carries around in tubs.  I know Greta will have Hannah doing cartwheels and round offs.  But Helen better get a switch is all I can advise.

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