Monday, April 18, 2016

Brown Bovan's Laying

Ok, another old saying---"if you thank someone who gives you eggs, their hens will stop laying".  So Amy Patsy, don't send any thank you notes!

Garden Tour--not much growing yet!

 I give out hoeing--quickly, too!  I can never be a tobacco or cotton farmer!  I love my new old tiller.  I can till near the plants and then it is easy to hoe in between them.  I have to go down each row twice to get all the grass out neatly, but when the plants mature one swipe will do it.  I am so proud of Larry for fixing my tiller.  I was ready to spend two thousand on a new one and it fixed it with a new motor.  It started great yesterday and did not die one time!
Laura and Sigrid came and helped me plant Contender green beans and improved pintos.  Look at the wreath Laura created for her door.  It has a burlap material in it if you can't see it.  I love it.
Do you think my thieving neighbors are nibbling on my cabbage?


Anonymous said...

Ms. Gigi~ I knew that about flowers but not the eggs!!! I will not do that again. :) I made us omelettes for dinner the other night. Gigi, your eggs are a brilliant yellow with such a rich flavor. Some of the best I have ever eaten. I hope my girls lay as splendidly as yours.

Sister--Three said...

Letting the hens out to eat green grass each day is the secret to the bright yellows. Also, more nutritious!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! This is a learning process for us, so any information you can share with us is greatly appreicated. ~Amy-Patsy