Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wheeler Photos

I have been working on Cuz Winnie's DNA file.  The man below is her Grandmother Mary
Wheeler's half brother.  I was able to locate Mary's father Benjamin Levi Wheeler.  He was born in Kentucky and did not come to Missouri until after 1850 but before 1860.  He was married to Angeline Pitcher.  She was the Mother of  John Thomas Wheeler in the picture so he is Mary's half brother.  Angeline died and Levi Wheeler married Mary's mother.  He was 20 years older than Sitha or whatever her first name was.  

I have made several discoveries in Paul's DNA but it takes time to post it and I will get around to it.  Also, I want to share my story about helping baby Jane find her mother using the ancestry DNA file.  She has made contact with her mother's sisters and will meet them.  Her mother died in Oct. of 2013. 
I added Mary's picture here to see if I could see a likeness with her brother.  She had at least two half sisters.  I hope to find a photo of one of them.

 This is Winnie's Great Great Great Grandmother.  Her name was Mary Cracraft Wheeler.  Her husband died in 1845,  but she lived a lot longer.  I think the husband's name was John, but I am speaking only from memory.
I am posting Winnie's picture here to see if the Sisters can see a likeness with Mary Cracraft Wheeler!
Just teasing Win.   Hope you know the Sisters well enough to know we are "full of it".


Sister--Three said...

Greats get confusing. Mary
Cracraft is on Winnie's two
Greats grandmother I think.
Harold merk
Mary wheeler
Levi wheeler
Mary cracraft wheeler!

Sister--Helen said...

it really gets confusing when you just skim the post

Winnie Sneed said...

I think I can see a resemblance between Mary Carcraft Wheeler and Dad's Mom...right?