Saturday, April 23, 2016

I AM Not Very Modern

 Well, Greta, Clayton and Sophia were all sleeping soundly the other night and Erin sent me a photo of them.  They may come tomorrow.  I notice when someone dies Erin thinks about coming to see us.  I am going to tell her about all the deaths so she will come more often.  Erin, my friend and co worker of about 35 years--Pam Mathis--passed away.  She was a year older than me.  It was hard to wrap my mind around.  Then Gary's wife was only 60.   I know the funeral is the easy part for the one left behind...the hard part starts the next day when all that stuff is over.
 Erin and Laura each sent me a photo of the snake they saw last week.  Erin's was a black snake and she let it go on.  Laura's was a Copperhead.  She jumped over it and kept running at the trail.  One snake has ventured into our yard and Opal made fast work of it.  I am not sure what it was as she destroyed most of it.
Amy-Patsy~ sent banana bread to Larry and me yesterday.  Her mother made it ...oh, it was so good.  Thanks you so much for remembering us, Amy.  We had coffee with it in the afternoon which is rare. Larry decided that coffee in the morning was enough for us and we don't usually have it again, but the banana bread was so delicious looking that he said a cup of coffee would be great and we enjoyed both the coffee and the gift from my new Patsy.

I like old things.  Well, my computer died yesterday and Fleta scares me to death telling me how I am too small minded to use Windows 10!  Well, it was only the mouse so I am back into my old business and i am going to get a new good lap top with Windows 10 and try to figure it all out.  Also, I am going to save all my photos that I have not saved.  I hope the external drive I already have will hold them.

Thankful today for all my old things---my old husband, my OLD two daughters, my old feel-good clothes, and my OLD computer that is still working.

I love my two OLD sisters so much and I am thankful for each.  Helen who will tell me what I want to hear and Fleta who will tell me everything I don't want to hear!


Sister--Three said...

Oh, Sister Fleta, I am so thankful for the olf paint show pro picture program that you gave me over 10 years ago and I still use it. I know how. I don't have to learn NEW stuff to do it!

Erin said...

Yes I read Pam's obituary already. Old news.

Margie's Musings said...

Windows 10 is no big deal. I have it on both my desktop and my laptop. I have XP on my old 2006 laptop. It still works.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Gigi,
I'm so glad that you enjoyed your banana nut bread. Mama is a wonderful cook who enjoys turning out a grand product. Laura and I walked at lunch then enjoyed a bite of the bread. We figured it the walk canceled the calories. ;)
I also love old things! My home is over 100 years old and it is homey! I have a sign
hanging in the den the reads...

I Love
thats old~~~
old manners ~ old books
old times ~ old friends

Homestead Girl said...

I'm trying to set up a blog like you! I'm going to let you know how it goes. Homestead Girl is my name. ;) ~Amy Patsy