Friday, April 22, 2016

Bird Visitors

Astrid flew like a bird last night in the track meet at The McDonald Relays Ft. Smith.  She took 4th in the 4 x 800 relay and 5th in the mile.   There were a bunch of schools there.  Astrid does not get to run unless she has no soccer game.  I am really proud of her mile time--5:42!  Can you imagine the speed.  I went to the jogging trail this morning and walked really fast I thought.  Well, it took me 20 minutes to make a mile.   I am dreadful! That is her Cross Country Coach in the background--Coach Frazier.  The CC coach before Frazier was my old friend-- Coach Jerry Thompson.  Astrid loves her XC coach so he must be a nice guy.

Ingrid ran in the JR High meet last night at Hot Springs.  I don't know how she did but it was after midnight before they got home.  So she was allowed to skip first period (athletics),  I took her to school a little after 9.  She is thrilled track is over, I  think.  She was really good at it but it is hard, hard, work and none of her friends run.   I should have taken Ingie's picture when I picked her up for school as she was gorgeous in her t-shirt and jeans.  She looks like a model.
 This bird came by last night.  After Larry mowed and I planted Kandy Korn and okra, we sat on the back porch looked at the beautiful Meadow.  Well, this Grosbeak? came by to reward us for all our hard work.  We saw him several times but could not get a picture.  He was shy.  I took this one from the net.  I think I have him identified correctly...have I Patsy?
 The last several days, I have seen a Hummingbird stop by for a sip.  But again I could not capture his visit for you.  And I wish I could claim the pretty iris bed but it is Erin's.  She really likes them.  Mema loved the yellow ones Erin so you need to find a place to set out yellow.
Below is a spider web in the manure spreader--I love the way it looks.  I have crocheted  several afghans so I can imagine how much work the spider put in on this beautiful work of art!
Oh, I almost forgot, what kind of egg shell is this.  It is a little move vivid blue than it shows here.  Patsy, do you think it hatched or one of those EVIL Starlings pecked it out of the nest?  I sure hope this is not a Martin egg!


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I'm trying to post a picture in the comments and haven't figured it out yet! But with that being said, you are correct about the grosbeak. It is a rose breasted grosbeak. Beautiful. I think the egg is a robin egg and I only hope that it was hatched. ~Amy-Patsy