Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Farmer Girl

I took this video as I was plowing my garden with my new old tiller.  It started great and ran like a top.  Last time I plowed it would die and Larry restarted it.  He said it had a device to shut it off if it was low on oil and as I till sometimes it would be unlevel.  He took that off a few days ago.  I surely works great.  I plan to plant squash, cucumbers and zucchini today but the wind is really blowing and I will have to give myself a talk to get it done.
 You can see the cabbage, potatoes and onions.  The bare row will have the squash, etc. that I plan to plant. Then in a week or so I will plant improved pinto beans and contender bush green beans.  Not long after that will be the tomatoes and peppers.  If I lived closer to Douglas Road I know where I could "lift" some plants and the old wive's tale says stolen plants grow the best!
 Laura cut her Dad's hair and I sprinkled it around in the garden.  Deer do not like human hair.  His hair is almost beyond gray to white!  I appreciate my husband today.  He is fixing my wheel barrow and soon it will be better than new.  He has already put a new tire on and now he is putting new handles and wedges in it.  I will be ready to haul s..t from the horse pasture and chicken pen!

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