Wednesday, June 22, 2016

All But The Kitchen Sink

I am making soup and I will put everything I can find excepting the kitchen sink!
 I picked my first okra yesterday and also still several squash.  Laura is putting squash in the freezer.  Zucchini bread sounds better when it is not 100 degrees.  I hope the bread will be good from the frozen squash.
I am going to take my big bucket and go to the garden and pick some of everything i can and make a pot of soup in my Instant Cooker.  I will have peppers, squash, potatoes, okra, cabbage, onions.  I will add frozen corn, canned tomatoes, and carrots.  Larry's Mom used to can soup.  She would put in all the stuff from the garden.  She did not do it until she had tomatoes, but I will just add canned ones.
 Clayton got a aquarium for his terrapin, Flash.
 Ingrid has been invited to "dance" with the Russellville High School Dance team at trials or whatever it is called.  My mind went blank which it does a lot.  Ingrid is a great dancer, but Laura felt the main reason they wanted her shows in her picture.  They had a meeting about it yesterday and because I was tired from driving to Harrison and back I forgot to ask what happened.  Laura did not want to pay extra money and did not want Ingrid to miss any of the events from her grade level.  I am excited to hear what happened.  Yes, she has to be able to perform in their dancing...but what do you think Laura thought was the number one reason they asked for her?
My sweet Sigrid and her Sky the apple of her eye!


Anonymous said...

Gigi~ I shred my extra zucchini and freeze it for bread in the winter. It always makes delicious bread. I do make sure that it has drained properly when thawing so my batter is not too running. Love you fresh veggies, they are beautiful as well as you lovely grands. :) ~Amy-Patsy

Sister--Three said...

This is good news. I am looking forward to warm bread on a cold day.