Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Is Here

 Sigrid baked these--Cherry Limeade Cup Cakes.  If they taste as good as they look, whew, delicous!   Not a mix.  Made from scratch.  She offered one to Pop and I but he is not eating sugar and I did not want to eat one in front of him....but, oh, I was so tempted!

 Ingrid is at dance camp this week.  They will learn all the dances they will perform during the school year.  She loves the dance group.

Astrid is working the basketball camp for the little ones at Russellville High School.  All the girls are busy.  Tomorrow, Clayton and Greta go to Aunt Helen's again.  Hope it all is good.


Sister--Helen said...

cute cute cute idea with the cupcakes

Anonymous said...

cupcakes look scrumdiliumptous!!!