Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Corn Havoc

 We had a good hard rain the other night and then one yesterday in the afternoon.  Our corn just laid over.  That will not keep it from finishing, but it makes it hard to gather.  I picked a mess but it was a little early and not filled out.  It is not Kandy Korn, but a yellow with a few white kernels.  I picked some pintos but the garden was too wet yesterday.  Today, I am not in the mood.  Maybe tomorrow.
 Back garden's corn is sparse but it laid over too.
 This is siggie's flowering moss.  It is really pretty.
Sigrid and Astrid made these at the Utah Public Library.  I enjoyed seeing them more that what they made.   
Erin said Clayton had a great birthday.  This is some sort of circuit creator.  One of his favorite gifts.  He is at Aunt Helen's today and got lucky with another cake!


Sister--Fleta said...

It was so funny to hear the doctor say the exact same thing you said to do.

Hannah said they had a party with cake an presents for Clayton.

Sister--Three said...

Just call me doc!!

Glad Clayton go to celebrate with cousins!!