Friday, June 10, 2016

Finding Something To Read

Hard to find any reading material.  This week I read about high winds and now am reading a book about the Presidents of the US as fathers.  Most were lousy fathers, either ignored their children, spoiled them rotten or were abusive.  Really it should not be surprising that someone who wanted to be President would not be a good parent.  
This week I read a book about Arkansas Tornadoes.  Not a lot in it about the 1927 tornado that blew Daddy's house away.  He would have been Sigrid's age when it destroyed their home.

 Above is Stafford's Dry Goods Store and below where the Riddle home was!
 Walker's Feed Store
Margaret Adeline Tacker Jones
Death: Mar. 18, 1927
Carroll County
Arkansas, USA

Margaret Adeline was killed in a tornado that struck Green Forest 18 March 1927. Her son, William Polk Leroy Jones was also killed in the same tornado. Margaret and William Polk were in separate homes when the tornado hit the Green Forest area.

Marriage to John Holman Price JONES on 14 Sep 1882 in Carroll County, Arkansas, USA

 She is buried in Snow Cemetery.
When I searched this picture came up....from an old Blog post.  Patsy commented that it was this storm that destroyed the Powell home.


Anonymous said...

I do not like tornadic weather at all.

Winnie Sneed said...

It really was something Mom remembered so they survived under a feather really haunted her greatly. mom always called it a cyclone.