Thursday, June 2, 2016

Helen Shows Out

 Helen is figuring out what Clayton loves.  He likes exploring.  He loves looking for things in the dirt and rocks.  he love turtles, fish, all kinds of life.  Sweet Greta likes everything if you will be her friend.
 I hope the kids will remember Long Creek when they are old and how their old Aunt Helen took them there.
 I think they are catching minnows.
 Is this Grandpa Gaddy's Store?


Sister--Helen said...

well yes grpa's store...

Sister--Helen said...

Hannah and Robert have had the best days spent on the farm...yes we caught over 100 minnows and drove down to the pond and turned them loose...Then the 4 kids ran to my house from the pond...I took my time and drove...LOL...It has been a blessing on the Aday farm to have cousins!