Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Haze

 It is really warm.  You can see the heated haze from this morning.  It was alreadly above 90 before 9 AM.
My girls got me new shoes for working in the wet dew and in the garden.  Laura had bought me the old pair about 10 years ago.  They are still useful but my feet hurt and I thought maybe a new pair would have more support.  We will see.  Laura got the right shoe and Erin bought me the left one.  They fit perfect.

 That rolling chair in the green beans is my Mother's Day gift from Larry and Laura.  I got some sweet notecards from Erin.  The sit down picking is a lot easier.  I think My New Patsy suggested that this would be a good gift for me and it is.  I could have picked them easily if the temp was not 95 plus as my knees did not hurt because of the rolley chair.
 I should thin the okra again, but I am not much of a "killer".  I think I will just leave it thick.
 If I ever get down, all I have to do is look at one of my sweet friends.  This is a House Finch.  They sing and have a beauty that you don't notice unless you take a second look.  He is gorgeous but at first glance you might think he was "just" a Sparrow.  Take time to look again.  Take time.
 Larry is mowing the pond bank.  It is a job.  I weed whacked around my Martin friend's houses.  Oh, they were so mad...but later I think they liked the new look as snakes hide in the briers and climb their poles.  Larry has one side finished and he lacks two more.  I can not run this DR bush mower but I could imagine areas I would like to give it a go at.  Larry said "no way".  He said it way too hard.
 A pond is a peaceful place.
 This was less than half of the green beans I picked.  I can't let them linger and "go to waste".  I gave these to two different friends.  If I have extra squash the chickens love it and they are my friends.
 This is my birthday present from Fleta.  After Helen gets it all set out in Momma's wash pot and sends me a picture that will be my present from her.  I am slow.  Fleta sent the picture of my present which she was giving to Helen and for a while I did not understand, but she reminded me of the present I sent her for Patsy's birthday and I remembered.  I thought it was sweet, but my feeling could never match how elated My OLD Sister was when I sent her 70something birthday present to Fleta.  I think it was 3 years ago.  One birthday I sent Pasty a nice amount of money and she told me about going to places and what she bought.   She must have thought I was a ninny because I knew she did not buy a dress and shoes and whatever she said.  She probably gave it to Sammy which was just fine with me...if it made her smile.
 Ingrid is home with her family.  Here they are waiting for liftoff.  I hope she is glad to be home.  Sigrid said "she is easy not to miss".  What did she mean by that?

 At Aunt Helen's, Clayton caught a terrapin and was "king of the mountain" on a bale of hay.
 He made a home for Flash in his room.
 Greta lit up the world with a little bug.  Her face lights up my world.


Anonymous said...

I did not thin my okra either. I'm with you, I'm not much of a killer. My beans are blooming but no beans yet. I'm not understanding them this year. I think I may have been given pole bean plants instead of bush beans like I ask for. Who knows time will tell. My okra is getting ready to put off any day now. I'm ready for a skillet full. :)

Sister--Helen said...

Greta does light up the world and Clayton is just the best boy...Tomorrow back to Denver creek...we are roasting weeinies and marshmellows...I have chocolate but not sure about crackers...they like the marsh mellows best,...Clayton can roast my wennie and eat PBand J..oh Robert decided what we would do tomorrow...he is the helper now that Hannah is gone this week...

Sister--Three said...

Glad Robert is helping you with my two hooligans!!