Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sigrid's Flower Garden

 I took this today of Sigrid's flower garden.  I bought her that yellow and red garden stake.  It is made out of a vinyl record.
 You can see her C flag below and above the cross that My New Patsy gave her.
 Astrid is working at a dress shop in Russellville.  It is a trendy little shop that the younger generation loves.  Nothing is expensive in the shop.  She works from 12 noon to 4 today.  She was really excited. The owner of the shop is on a trip and this may just be for a while but it is her first job and she might get to work there again.  Sure hope it all works out for her.  She loves organizing.  Most young girls would not want to arrange clothes in order, but Astrid loves things like that.  Ingrid is a volleyball camp.  She leaves Thrusday on her big trip to DC and NY.


Margie's Musings said...

What a cute little garden!

Anonymous said...

Love Sigrid's garden. Astrid looks pretty as always. Your garden is so devine. I believe I would like to play hide-n-go seek in your corn.