Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Bird At My Bird Bath

 I looked out and saw this new bird getting a drink.  Cora did not like it one bit.    She says, "I am thirsty".    I can let the chickens out now if I want to as they don't bother the garden much.  The cabbage was their fav and it is over.

Here is my everything but the kitchen sink soup.  It was good, but would be better when the weather was cold.  I made a pan of corn bread from a recipe in the AR Demo Gazette.  Pour half of the mix in your iron skillet add two of Sigrid's hot peppers that you swipe from her vine.  I added two of her yellow peppers they are hot flavor but mild.  Then put a cup of cheddar cheese and the rest of the bread mix.  It was good with the soup.

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Sister--Helen said...

ahhh yes freeze it till Nov