Friday, June 24, 2016

I Am Babysitting

 Well, I have to babysit for an entire week--Siggie's flowers that is.  They are off to see Eric's Dad in Utah.  We put several on a table.  I have to be careful because if I let my chickens out they would destroy her potted plants.  Below are two we sat on the porch.  Cora guards the porch when the chickens are out.  she will not let them on it..  Her territory I guess.

 The middle fern is Sig's and the petunia below, plus the pots of hens and chickens.

 This is my weed lily.  I sure hope it does more than this.  Hopefully, these will open to blooms.
 My New Patsy--do you still think this is an azalea?  It is really pretty and seems to be healthy.  I plan to set it out in the fall, but will leave it her through the summer.
 Four O'Clocks that come up from seed.  They are prettier this year.  I put a sack of Larry's cow manure on them.
 These are Sigrid's Gerber Daisies.  She likes them.
 My Forgotten Dreams are not really very pretty this year.  Wish it would rain.  Erin and Helen got a big rain today and last night.  We got none.
 We are watering the melons each night with soaker hoses.   Glad we have an old well.
 I soaker hose the tomatoes in the morning.
 Okra is starting to come on.  We have had it once and I put mess in my soup.
 Here is my Grandma Powell geranium.  It does not like the spot I chose but I am leaving it there.

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Anonymous said...

I have never seen an azalea with yellow centers. Could it be a type of petunia or begonia? Let me know....I'm bum fuzzed.