Friday, June 3, 2016

O Captain, RJHS Captain

 Ingrid is Captain of the RJHS Dance Team!  We say "she gets to choose which bow they wear in their hair"!!  But that is only a joke.  It is a huge responsibility and I know she will meet the challenge.  She will have lots of work to do.  Sure hope she loves getting to be in charge!

The girls had a swim party last evening it was at a team member's house who lives in Rsvl, but Laura stayed the entire time as "life guard" of sorts.  Any time there are a lot of kids swimming, someone needs to be watching.  They all had a great time.  I asked Laura if she had her bathing suit on and she said "no, as I came directly from a school speech meeting, but I would have jumped in if I was needed".
 The girl with her in these two pictures is the Co-Captain, Briley!
 If you look behind these two dancers, you can see she is already keeping an eye on things!

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