Sunday, June 19, 2016

Old Negatives

 Clayton and Greta and their Momma came to tell Pop "happy birthday" and happy father's day".
 They wanted to stay outside the entire day. It was hot but we made it.  Clayton caught a minnow at the Lake with only a cup.
 Greta walking back up the fill from the Lake.  She pooped me out.
 I found these old negatives in a box.  I sent them home with Erin as she has a scnner that will scan negatives.  This is some of what she found.  Laura said she had never seen the picture of her Daddy in 1960!  Larry and his sister 1960.  I love hiscurls.
 Granny Renfroe the same day.
 This was after Larry and I married June 1971.   He and his two brothers at Falling Water Creek.  Ethel wanted to go to Decoration and Larry said he did not want to eat with "all those people" so we came back by Falling Water and ate there.


Margie's Musings said...

I love old photos too. Yours are precious!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the old photos are priceless. ~Amy-Patsy