Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hilltop Armory Appreciates Their Customers!!

If only Helen had made it back to town.  Greg and Erin's Armory gave away bullets to the first 100 customers today.  She could have also signed up to win a free gun.  And as Helen is a lucky girl, I am sure her name would have been drawn for the gun.

Hope Greg got lots of new customers for the store!
 Lots of ammo to lots of customers--free!  And the three guns the winner gets to choose from below.  Helen, which one would you have picked??
Ingrid is playing in a volleyball tournament today.  I went and watched the "pool play".  She played at 10 and 12.  Astrid ran in a cross country meet today and was RSVL's first girl.  She was disappointed in how the team performed.    Whole season ahead to improve.  First girl on her team is sounds good to me.

Happy Birthday to Greg Aday.  I think he is 43 today!

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Sister--Helen said...

Oh that pistol looks great!