Thursday, September 1, 2016

Little Red

Before she was born I craved orange push ups--
oops I think it went to her head.
Before she was born I rode my bicycle all over Pottsville--waiting for her!
Now,  she loves riding bikes
Before she was born I filled a big gallon jug of water each morning.   I set it on the counter in the kitchen.  I drink it and sometimes two gallons.
She loves water and drinks a lot each day.  No ice just like I drink it!
Before she was born I prayed each night that she would not have my hair.
She doesn't.

This was Laura's first school picture.  I drove and picked her up, took her to school, and she had her school picture made.  She still loves schoool today!

Happy Birthday, Laura.


Sister--Helen said...

happy birthday special girl...althow that sis of yours is pretty special also

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a very special friend....hope her day is blessed beyond measure. Thank you for nurturing, guiding,and teaching such a sweet girl who is now paying it forward. ~Amy-Patsy