Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cluck Cluck

At first I had one little Bantie sitting and now there are 3 on the next.  More Mommas to care for the little chicks.  I sure hope a few hatch.
 The pot that held my hens and chickens got water in it and froze and burst in the winter.  Only have a few left.  Hope the multiply.
 Flower from my garden--the old type flowers are the best as they are hardy.
 Flowers I bought for myself for Mother's Day.
 Bug in my flowers.
 Four O'Clocks keep coming back.  Fleta says they are ugly.
 I have planted several Mums but most of them die.  This one is thriving.

 Larry got me new shoes for Mother's Day.  They cost a bunch...I will have to wear them the rest of my life--they are Birkenstocks.
Larry bought these at a sale and is repainting them.  They are very comfy.  Will have 6.  He has 3 finished so far.

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Anonymous said...

Three hens on in one nest! That is too funny. I love your new shoes. One of these
days I'm going to get me a pair. I'm like you, I will have to wear them the rest
of my life. :) ~Amy-Patsy