Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friday Again

 Laura went to Cabot and picked strawberries.  She shared enough with us so we had short cake.  Not the good like Momma used to make.  Larry's Mom did not use pie crust so I don't make it like that for us...just a yellow cake.  Oh, the berries were so good.  Such flavor.  And...if you dribble them on your shirt they sure stain red!
 Clayton and Greta had field day at school.  At one time our field days were all track and I loved them, but they became circuses and all the teachers wished they could stay home.  Ours lasted half a day and all the teachers were exhausted.  I think the kids had fun but it makes for a long day even for kids.  When the day is about exercise it's not as exciting I guess.  Good old days....

Greta loves running.  She entered in several races.  She has good form and can really move along.
 Here Greta is ready for bed.  This is night clothes.  She was griping about Clayton bothering her last night and Erin pointed out she could just turn off those hearing aides and block him out.  He started up again and Erin said she saw Greta "turn him off".  She looked her Momma and smiled.
 Greta is learning about phonics.  She understands and can sound out most words.  Fleta and I did not learn phonics and we are both sickened by it.  The thing in the 1950s and 60s was learn by sight.  We can both read well but don't know phonics.  What Greta is studying here she calls Super E, I think.  All 5 of my Grand children are really smart.  I am blessed with this.  Greta has a handicap but it is not in her brain, just her ears!  And that can be a blessing, you can just turn your yakking brother off!  Greta graduates from kindergarten this next week, I think Erin said.  Wish I could see the little stink in this endeavor.

Grandma and Grandpa Powell to spell just about any word they heard.  All phonics.   Especially my Grandfather, Robert Melton Powell.  Laura is a very good speller too.  One year I remember she went the entire year without missing a word on a spelling test.
Erin bought this coffee table for their living room.  Greta is making good use of it.  She can put her things on the shelf and keep stuff out of the way when it is not in use.  Margie said something about Erin's windows in the new house.  Margie--I think Erin said she had 27 windows!  Whew...they would like new ones, but that would cost a pretty penny.   All the windows make it so you can see very well in the house.  Lots of light.

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Anonymous said...

Picking strawberries was so much fun. We definitely made some memories. I now
have strawberry freezer jam, dehydrated strawberries and we ate some fresh! ~Amy-Patsy