Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Digging In the Dirt

 Larry has been removing old trees from our yard.  this one was directly behind the house and a vine killed it.  We paid to have it cut as it was huge.  He digs around the tree with the back hoe and then pushes the stump out with the Kubota Tractor.
 You can see this stump was big. It was a small tree when we first lived here in 1982.  Larry's Mom planted a vine that grew into the tree and finally killed it.
 Larry hauled the stump to our burn pile.
 Here he is moving the stump of a Maple tree that was half dead.  Limbs would fall out when the wind blew and it was ugly as half was completely gone.

 My Grosbeak is coming everyday.  While Larry works, I sit and watch him!  Isn't he lovely.
 Larry told me this is a House Finch.  He says the Purple Finch is a little darker.  I have both.
We cooked the last of the fish that Kenny Gatlin caught and gave us.  Delicious!
These are the new volleyball shoes that Pop got Siggie.  Oh course, she picked them.  These are asics.  This was always my favorite brand of shoes.  Now, my foot is wider because I broke a toe and it heeled crocked and I have a bunion on each foot.  Not pretty feet like Sigrid's.

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