Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jot That Down

 Yesterday, we went to Mena, Ar.  Larry purchased a Cushman scooter there a couple of months ago.  He has worked on it cosmetically and mechanically and now he may sell it and try to find another one to ticker with.  This one belonged to an older man in Mena who passed away.  His sons sold it to Larry and then found a box of stuff that belonged to the Cushman.   We drove there to retrieve the box.

We passed through Pine Ridge, AR where the famous Lum and Abner Store is located.
Hope my five grands have a great day, plus my two Sisters.  Hope Helen continues to mend.  She has been sick almost two months.  She said yesterday she thought she was getting better.   At least she got a good report from the "C" doctor yesterday!

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