Saturday, May 27, 2017

Crow Defender

My Whirligigs have kept the crows away.  I realize it has only been a day, but I am hopeful.  Two crows can eat a half a row of corn in a few minutes.

 Clayton and Richard's flowers match.  The Three Sisters thought it was sort of an omen of brotherly love!  No, we did not get together and pick yellow and red.  Since their stones are side by side, it is neat that the colors are similar.
Brothers Together Forever!

Last but not least.  Here is one of Astrid's notes to her teachers.  She wrote all of her teachers a note as did Ingrid.  Mrs. Hamm posted hers on FB and said it made her cry.  It is a joy to read what a young person has written when it flows and makes sense and you can understand what is being said!  Oh, well, she is my Grand Girl--so we should know she can express herself!

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