Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Schools Out For Some

 Clayton and Greta went to the Parks and Rec Camp sponsored by City of Harrison today.  They both had friends there and enjoyed the activities.  They will swim several hours each morning.  Clayton is conducting Summer School in their spare time.  Greta will learn a lot.
 Sophie likes her new back yard and by darn if any old ground hog is going to live there!
 This is Astrid's favorite teacher--Mrs. Hamm--I think she teaches Chemistry.  Mrs. Hamm has no children.  She and Astrid are big buds.  Astrid attends her work out class at a local gym early in the morning a couple of times a week.  Mrs. Hamm played basketball in college.  She is a neat lady.
Ingrid got this in the mail today--says she is responsible, hard working, intelligent, competitive, friendly, funny, a role model!  Wow, what great compliments.  Ingrid deserves them all!  Ingrid tried out for High School Volleyball today.  I have my fingers crossed!

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