Friday, May 26, 2017

Work, Work, is the Word Today

I plowed the entire garden today.  Some of it was so hard I had to go over it time and again but I got it done and it looks so much better.

Larry mowed the wet grass around the pond.   Now it will dry out.  Water was still standing but the little Cub mowed it all without a stutter.

 Above you can see how low and wet the area is in front of the pond.  Larry and the Farmall took care of all of it today.
 The dirt line going toward the pond is a lateral line for our wash water.  We are not through with it yet, but we have the line all buried and just like the final connection.
 I live on Crow Mountain--named not for Indians, but birds.  They were going along the rows and pulling up all the corn.  They eat the seed and discard the little green top.  I may have to replant a little bit.
I went to the Everything's a Dollar Store and bought some of these Whirligigs.  I hope they scare the crows.  After the corn has just a little growth the leave it alone.  They are also pulling up my watermelons and green beans.

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