Sunday, May 28, 2017

Shelter From The Storm

 Just when I was feeling smug about my crow situation, a big storm came and destroyed my defense systme.
 Also, we have drowned Martins!  One of our houses blew into the pond.
 Small limbs litter our lawn this morning.   Larry got up in the night and let Cora Beth inside.   She was scared to death.  Some dogs hate storms and Cora is one!
 The whirligigs on our roof are still there, thank goodness!
 Larry finished our new--old--table.  Erin and Clayton and Greta came yesterday and he gave the the black iron one.
Erin said I did not need one, but I insisted and she got me this pretty bird wind chime for Mother's Day.  I like it and I love the soothing music from the one the Christensen's got for me.

Laura is out of school and Eric has one more day.  Summer has arrived!

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