Wednesday, May 31, 2017

End Of May

Old Time Ditch Lily
 My old timey flowers are showing out.  I have them in 3 or 4 places
I have seven little banties.  They were born on Eric's birthday.  They have three Momma's and so they are doing good.  I moved them to a hutch by themselves as the big red hens pecked at them.  When I put them in the hutch, one little chick could not hold his or her head up.  I called him/her Bobble head.   Well, the next day with the care of THREE mothers the chick was better and now you can't tell which one is Bobble Head.  I guess it was the youngest one.   I hope they all make it and now have plans for adding raising more.  I can never move the hens when they sit so I am going to put the little rooster and a couple of hens in the hutch and leave them there until they sit.   My favorite Bantie is a BB.  I wish I could find a couple.  Down here a Bantie hen costs from 10 to 20 dollars.  That sounds outrageous to me.

Sigrid is growing up.  She got a phone yesterday.  I told her I would call at 6 everyday.  She said "oh, please, don't!"

I sure have a new respect for Helen's post from her phone.  Sigrid helped me put up a picture but it came from the blog.  I did not bother to explain what I wanted was to pull a recent pic from my phone like Helen does.  Never did get that fete done.  When you type words, the script is one continuous line.  You can't see what the last sentence was.  Like teletype is is just a running line.  I make too many errors and need to back space to fix them.  How Helen types those long posts on that phone is beyond my expertise.  Maddening to say the least.  Posting script is not difficult in anyway but your own limitations.  If you are error prone, the post will be filled with mistakes.  Helen does a great job with it.  I can always understand what she is talking about.  I am afraid if I had to post in that laborious manner I would not post very often!

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