Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May Half Over

Listen to my wind chime.  I love the sound it makes.  Laura's bunch got it for me.  Don't forget Erin....when you come bring me another one!

 I bought Laura two Impatients and Erin a rake.  Well, I bought Laura a rake too, but she said she had just bought a new one.
 Greg said he is afraid Erin's hand does not fit a rake.
 We did not have a dinner Mother's Day.  We had dessert, apple pie and strawberry pie.  Laura knows what Momma likes.
 Here is my short cake from the Arkansas strawberries.  When Larry's Mom was a young girl, she went to Marshall and picked strawberries.  I think the group stayed there until the picking was over.  She was about 15.  She had her picture made with a friend there.

 Below is Greta with her Christmas gift from Sigrid.  Sig made it with Pop's help.  The jars can hold whatever you want to keep in them.  Above,  Clayton has two new shelves in his room.  I tried to see what he was reading but could not make it out.

 Erin's bunch are enjoying their fire pit.  Clayton and his Dad are having a serious discussion about something.

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