Friday, May 5, 2017

Sigrid Plays The Oboe

 I was pleased to attend the Band Concert tonight and hear Sigrid play the oboe.  She is first chair and all the music was fabulous.  She is wearing a dress she picked from Astrid's closet.  It looked great on her.  She called Astrid and got permission to wear the dress!!
 Clayton's latest art work.  Both are really good.  I think Erin should hang them in her new house.

 At the State Track meet today Astrid got 4th in the 1600 meter run and the 4 by 800 relay she ran in took first place.  She is All-State again!!
 Greta was told to dream of something and illustrate it.  She wishes she could fly but also wants her brother to receive the gift.  Look at them soaring above the new Rogers' house.
 Lucky number 7 playing volleyball.  It is over, but I wanted a photo of Ingie today too!
Hope Helen is feeling better.  Found this of Brother Dear looking over where his ashes lay!

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