Sunday, August 13, 2017


 Erin and Greg took Clayton and Greta to a show at the Lyric in Harrison.  They saw "James and the Giant Peach"!
 Astrid posted this saying, "kiss summer goodbye".  The girls start to school Monday and then Clayton and Greta start on Wednesday.  Greta is in first grade; Clayton, 4th; Astrid, 12th; Ingrid, 10th; and Sigrid is entering 7th grade!  I hope they all have great years!
I think Robert and Hannah start Monday also.  The picture is one Fleta shared of them at their Great Uncle's grave in California.  Robert is named for his Uncle.  The elder Robert died in Vietnam in 1969.  He was my age.  He never married, never bought a home, maybe never even a car.  He never took a vacation across the country like Hannah and Robert.   I hope Robert and Hannah will always remember visiting his grave.  I can tell by the picture that they understood what a sacrifice he gave!  I don't know who said it but it is so true--old men go to war and young men die!  How many of those old men would want war if they had to go?  Probably not one!   I hate war.  As I have gotten older, I hate any kind of fussing.  I want to do my best everyday.   Hope the Lord will help me do some little "good" today!

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Margie's Musings said...

I always say, "Old men make war and young men fight and die in it." Most old men who make war never have a son or daughter involved in it. They get deferments.