Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wolfe Creek Lodge

Erin and Greg took the kids to Wolfe Creek Lodge.  Greta learned to swim on top of the water.  Clayton can too, but he usually just uses one arm.  Conserving his energy!

 Greg always gets in and enjoys the fun with his two!  Greta's ear infection is all better, after visiting the doctor.  Erin said probably was from getting in the Lake water.  So glad she is better.  She told her Mom that she could not hear out of that ear -- at all!  Scary to me.

School starts soon.  Greta is reading.  She will be in first grade.  Clayton is a great reader already.  Reading is so important.  One who can read can even educate themselves!

 Greta and Clayton have had a great summer.  They are growing up fast!

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