Thursday, August 3, 2017

Verses to Ponder

Laura posted the first Bible verse on the bulletin board her Dad made for her.  The King James says to "exhort" each other daily.  Then Astrid followed with the verse from Proverbs kind.  The King James says to have mercy and truth.  I guess mercy plus truth begets kindness.    Well, Sigrid added the third post--"always love Sigrid".  Now it could mean Always, Love Sigrid.  Meaning that Sigrid feels one should always be kind and encourage others...or it might mean -- "love Sigrid" all the time!  Since she denoted hers with "true fact" 9: 2, I think she wants us to "love" her....which we all do!  And what about 9: 2--well, I think Sig may have meant 8:  2 as in Aug. 2, but put the wrong number?  Only, Sigrid knows for sure.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! And yes we will always love Sigrid. ~Amy-Patsy