Sunday, November 29, 2015

And the Rains Came Down!

 The pond is full and overflowing.
 The garden is soaked.
 The culvert is busted from the falling tree.  It will be a high dollar repair.  As yet, we still can pass down the road.
 This is where the water runs into the culvert.  The hole the tree knocked in it is on the other side.  But last rain huge amounts of water went through the hole as the tree had the culvert blocked.  All the soil and gravel under the culvert is washed away and part of the culvert is gone.  It is a mess.
 The oak tree is history.

 Fleet walked 6 miles this Coin and back home.  Weatherman said rain was over as of today.  The tv weathermen are hocking products and don't do very well.  They are cheerleaders and want to spread doom and gloom if they can.  The news now will discuss something that is going to be on their channel that night in the news report.  They will have a spot about the "Voice" right in the News.  They will cut to a report and interview the persons singing on the show.  I have never watched it and don't want to because of the hype of the news people.  It is all ridiculous.

Before I could finish my little stroll, it was raining again.  That was a 9 a.m. and it has rained steadily ever since.
 I drove to the trail and I knew that part of it would be under water.  Prairie Creek runs into Lake Dardanelle at the  trail.  Above you see what Russellville sends down Prairie Creek, tons of garbage.  They sift it out here and pump the water into the Lake.  If they let it just run in, all this would go into Lake Dardanelle.

 This is the pump station to pump the water.  That big crane dips out the mess and they haul it away.
 Here you can see the filters at the Station.
 I walked 3/4 a mile and ran into a flood trail.
 I tried another route and look what I ran into.
Here is the third one I hit.  Jonell texted me..."turn around, don't drown!"  Well, that is just what I did.  By the time it took, I think I made 2 miles.  And it was raining on me by then and is still raining.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I say turn the page and move forward!

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