Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

Well, Black Friday is here.  I hate crowds so I hate Black Friday.  I am laughing as it is raining on the sales.   Eric is good to go stand in line and buy for me, but this year I don't have anything I want him to stand in line for.  Last year, he stood and got my tv and we love it.  I looked through all the sales and wasn't very impressed with any of it.  Amazon has passed Walmart.  Most folks are like me and would rather have the pkg delivered to their door!
Thanksgiving was great.  Thanks for Laura and her bunch.  She worked all day Wednesday cooking and I appreciate it so.   I guess I could still do it all, but I am kinda doubtful.
 Greg took Erin and the kids out to supper for Erin's 36th birthday.  Greta drew this.  It says " I love Jesus" and has a cross.  Speaking of crosses, look what Astrid made for Erin's birthday gift.  It is really lovely.  If you click on the picture you can see it better.
 Here Astrid is holding it for me to get a picture.  You see those cards on the wall behind Astrid.  Those are old recipes that have been handwritten.  I think most of them are from Grandma Myrt, Eric's Grandma from Minnesota.  She worked in food preparation all her working career.  She was a manager not a cook.  During WW II she enlisted and served her country.  She was Eric's Grandmother's cousin.  When his mother's mother died of cervical cancer,  Grandma Myrt took Eric's Mom into her home.  Eric's Grandmother had a big family and his mother was one of the older children.  Some of the kids had to go to an orphan's home.  Myrt passed away many years ago, but her husband is still living.  He is in his 90s and just a couple of years ago, he drove here to see Eric.  He has visited here several times.  Eric's bunch have driven to Minneapolis to see him too. He and Myrt had no children of their own.   Grandpa Howard has given Laura lots of Myrt's treasures.
 Grandpa and Grandma Powell are listening to the guy's conversation.  I hope it was interesting to them.
 Astrid is waiting and whatever her Mom asks her to do, she is quick in response.  Such a good daughter.
 Ingrid is seated by the mashed potatoes, her fav.  She told me "I am sitting right by the mashed potatoes so I can fill my plate".  I made chicken gravy for her to put on them.  She likes to cook and was helping her Momma when I arrived.
 Sigrid set the table.  It was so pretty.  She also kept Clayton and Greta busy.

 Astrid gave Sig a break and took Clayton and Greta outside to play "hot potato".  I bet the Sisters recall that game.

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