Saturday, November 14, 2015

Astrid and Ingrid and Sigrid

 Both these friends of Astrid's are named Madison.  Below was at the XC banquet.  Above just at school.  The girls put pics on a site and I like to get them and save them here.
 Ingrid posted this to a site and one of her friends commented, "YOUR MOM!"  I thought yes it does look just like Laura.
 Pop and I had to help out this week as Eric was in LR serving on an educational committee to rewrite the Standards.  He is serving on the High School English one.  He will have to go several times and stays 3 days at a time working on the goals.
Sigrid took this selfie or is it a footie?  Pop picked her up an hour early one day.  The lady said, "Is she going to the Dr?"  Larry replied, "no, she's going with her Grandpa!"

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