Monday, November 9, 2015

Five Years Ago

This is Laura and Greta 5 years ago.  Time flies by and children grow up.  I am thankful for my two girls.  Neither of them are perfect, but we love both so much and I know they love us in return.  I was never disappointed with my girls.  I hope I never disappointed my parents.  I know we never argued.  I recall after Daddy died, I sort of shortly told Momma she should buy vegetables.  I remember her downcast look and wished I could swallow the words back into my chest.  Words we speak can't be taken back so we should think before we open our mouths.  It has always been a problem for me.  What I think often pours out and I wish I would ponder first.  The book of James has many great lessons about the bit controlling the horse.  I am thankful today.  I am so much more forgetful and can't recall names and such, but I told Laura "I will ask Fleta and she will tell me what I know".  I am thankful for Sisters Fleta and Helen today.  One is a worker and one a thinker!  You decide Sisters.
Found this in the back pages of Sunday's AR Demo Gazette.

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Donna said...

They grow up fast, don't they?