Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Digging Up Trouble

 Larry asked if I wanted him to dig up the stump of the tree that blew over or just cut it off.  There was a flower bed around it.  I told him I would rather just have it all gone.  Well, he spent the day digging around the stump to break all the roots. It was a Maple.  If I had known how hard it was going to be, I would have let him just sawed it off.  I could have put a bird house on top of the stump.  He worked all day on it.  Finally he said to fill the hole with water and he will go at it again tomorrow.  He tilled up part of the garden.  I am taking the tomato fence down.

Here is where he built the caddy for a lot of his tools.  He did this last week.

I walked 3 and  a half miles today.  I am having trouble getting out to walk.  I am not like Fleta.  I am afraid the cooler it gets the less I will want to go.  I am planning to go to Atwoods to look for some boots.  But today I went to the library.  I requested the Patrick Kennedy book.  They will order it.  I did not find much to read.  I am reading a Phillipa Gregory book about Katherine Parr.

I did not have to pick up Ingie today.  She had Dance practice.  Tomorrow I am getting a hair cut and perm.  Hope it perks me up.

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