Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Not Stumped

 While I was off getting my hair cut and permed, Larry got the stump out of the ground.  It has a large root system.
 I think we will need a dump load of top soil as the place where the Maple was is shallow.
 Larry had to get the big tractor to get the stump out but he used the back hoe to dig all around it so he could get it out.
 I picked up a bucket load of walnuts and he hauled them over under the Sycamore tree so the squirrels could enjoy them.  We kept two big buckets to dry under the shed.
 I got the tomato fence down and Larry tilled the garden and pulled the T posts up.
 Larry cut the tree off the dog kennel fence.  He had several buckets of limbs.  The tree was really on the neighbor but fell on us.  I am glad to see it gone.  Larry will replace the top rail of the chain link fence and it will be good as new.  There is a woven wire fence behind chain link one.  Larry can put up chain link fence.  He can do all kinds of wiring.  He knows cars.  He has a heat and air license.  He can do any carpentry where his feet can be on the ground.  He can sheet rock.  He can sing.  He knows how to do all sorts of things on the computer.  He knows all about farming and gardening.  He is a first class painter.  He can do body work on a car.  He took a year and half class at Pulaski Vo Tech to learn.  Really he can do almost anything thing he wants.  Only thing I can think of that Larry can not do is..............swim.  On the other hand, I can't do much of anything.  I am thankful for all the things Larry can do. Oh, he is a plumber too!

Larry blows and cuts the leaves with the Bad Boy mower.  He shoots the leaves toward the flower beds.  It makes them really rich.
I saw this Downy Woodpecker when I was taking pictures.  I used to think this was a Sap Sucker but it is not.

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Erin said...

He can pray, love, and help a neighbor in need.