Sunday, November 8, 2015

State Of Art Finish

 Astrid ran in the State XC meet today at Hot Springs.  All her family (immediate) went to cheer her on.  Eric said she had "stitch" in her side the entire race, but still finished 10th out of the over 100 runners from across Arkansas.  She also qualified today to compete in the Overall State XC meet.  She was the only person from Russellville out of the Boys and Girls teams that made the cut.  We are very proud of our sweet Astrid.
 Larry is organizing his clamps now.  Cora loves for him to work in the shop.  She hangs out with him and watches for mice.  She is part cat.
 Today, I went with Larry to Marcella, AR.  Marcella is in Stone County, right on the White River.  Larry traded a flat bottom boat, trolling motor, and gas motor for another Farmall Tractor.  I wasn't going to go, but the guy told him he would not have cell service there and I decided I had better go along as a co-pilot.  When pulling a trailer, if you make a wrong turn it is really hard to turn around.

Atkins, AR flies this pretty flag.  I am sure it is expensive as they have to change it when it gets ragged and it is really big.
 I did a good job as we arrived on the White River with no wrong turns.
 This is the tractor.  It would not start and Mike, Larry and I had to push it on the trailer, but we made it with ease.
 If Larry names this one, her name is Marcella.  She was once owned by Louisana State University.  She was born about 1951 or 52.  Colleges used these tractors to mow grass.  I am sure that is what Marcella did on the campus there.  Mike had the books from the school.  She will run but Mike only had a little gas.  Tomorrow, she will get down off the trailer and I will make a video of her humming.
 Here is Mike's cabin.  It is on stilts because the White River moves up and down.  Mike works all over the country.  Last week he was in England.  His wife (or maybe just girlfriend) is a surgeon at a Memphis Hospital.  They moved here from Chicago.   The cabin is a place to come and relax after cutting people up all week.  Mike had a ground line phone put in.  He said he could lay his phone in one place and sometimes have service, but we tried to call and I guess not today as we got no answer.
 Coming back I snapped a photo of Andrews Liquor Store near Cleveland, AR.  At one time it was owned by RJ and Donetta Andrews but then she took up with Clayton Powell and moved to Green Forest, AR.   I was very sad seeing the store. RJ is dead.  Donetta still lives in Green Forest Helen said.  I could picture Clayton stopping by as the old codger in the red Chevy did.  We waited for him to pass when we were pulling out at an intersection a few miles back up the highway.  Larry said, "probably and old German going to the liquor store".  Sure enough he pulled into Andrews Liquor Store!
 Here we are near Atkins, Ar coming back home.
 When I got home, I saw this hawk near our yard.  I wanted to take a picture as he looked really red.  Well, he swooped down and grabbed something and landed on my blue bird house.  He slowly tore it from his claws and snacked.  I zoomed in and see what I think is a field mouse in his talons.
 I thought "All God's creatures have to eat!"

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