Friday, November 20, 2015

Times They Are A Changin'

The theme of Sigrid's musical program was music through the years from 1950's until today and how music displays undercurrents of what is going on in the world!  Notice her boots.  I thing they are Uggs or Hugs or something like that!
 Sigrid's school performed a musical tonight at the Arts Center.  She had a solo part and a speaking part.  The program moved quickly along and was enjoyable to attend.  I must admit that I have been to many children's programs that we not that great.

Sigrid sang her part perfectly and she did not stumble when she spoke in her speaking role.  She did not seem nervous at all.  I spoke to her about how well she did and how she did not seem nervous and she said she was not usually nervous when she had to be on stage.  A few of the performers over emoted when they sang.  Sigrid commented on one girl saying  "she was not supposed to do so and so, but she always does stuff to get attention".  I told Sig some kids don't get much attention at home and that is why they seek it.  Sigrid is a wise little one.  She sees a big picture and has an opinion about most things.

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