Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Part Bear

 I may be part bear as in the winter I get the notion to hibernate.  Astrid saw on Pinterest that you could make cuffs for boots out of old sweaters.  Off she and Mom went to Marva (local help store for needy) and bought some old sweaters.  They made some cuffs.  Now Laura is trying to think of something to make from the rest of the sweaters.

Below is Astrid and her friend Jennie at the Football came.  Russellville won the first game of the playoffs but now must play number one Pine Bluff this weekend.
Erin had some pictures of the kids on a share site.  Greta was decorating cookies.  Another of Clayton and Greta on the front porch.  I am too lazy to snap shot them and put them here.  Barbara Rudd's daughter Amber sent me a video of Tony's youngest Gdaughter feeding Barb's chickens and talking.  When I come out of my den, I will post it to utube and share it with you.  Amber has the camera in her pocket so the picture is not good, but I enjoyed hearing Catey (or is it Cadey) talking.

Helen, hang in there.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Erin says when one has trouble day to day...think hour to hour.  Hope Cuz Winnie is ok.  I have been remembering all you, my family, in my prayers and will continue.  Erin, also, gave me a good statement about holding your tongue.  Least said, sooner mended!  What wise words to live by.  I read a devotional.  This year's is "Utmost for His Highest".  Last night's lesson was "we should not try to fix everything in other's lives".  Of course, we should do all we can for others, especially children, but we should not  take all the bumps out of their roads as that is how youngsters learn to deal with life.  The lesson said that some trials God may send for a purpose and if we erase them we have interfered with His purpose.  I certainly don't mean that we should not help others and do what we can for others, but if one always travels on a highway with no pot holes, what would they do on that red dirt road I grew up on.


Donna said...

Wise thoughts for a day like today.

Sister--Helen said...

Good ole Betty!