Monday, November 2, 2015

Celebrating With Greta

 Greta was shy but we loved singing to her.
 Here is her cake...
 Laura had to help blow out the one candle.
 Larry made Greta and Clayton a blue bird house.  We had several presents but Greta just wanted to get to play with Sigrid.  They love playing with her.  Here they are playing a memory game called "Arthur".  Clayton won.
 Pop is organizing his tools in the shop.  He has made hangers for the drills, etc.  This is behind his work bench.
 There is an alcove in the hall. Wasted space.  I told him for Christmas I wanted a board with several hooks.  He said go get the hooks.  Said I could have seven.  He planed and sanded this cedar board and put the hooks I picked on it.  I love it.  We can hang robes, his cartharts, etc.   I love it...but since he finished it so quick.  Don't think it can count for Christmas.
 Greta and Clayton dressed for Halloween.  Where would a nurse take her guessed it they went to TWO nursing homes.  One old lady said to Clayton--"I see your bones, get some more candy".


Sister--Helen said...

Ahhh cute...i see your bones get some more candy....

Sister--Helen said...

Greta is so sweet...I love organized tools... I need to do that in Claytons shop