Friday, November 6, 2015

Need Glasses

 Laura sent the above photo to my phone.  They were on FB.   Well, I thought--"why does Laura have that big bow in her hair?"  Ingrid and Laura look a lot alike and Astrid and Laura do too!
 This is at the last home football game.  The top two phots she looks really warm, but below her legs are cold..........

 Brenda wrapped my present up really pretty.
 Here are some of the things she and Barb got for Tori.  Wow, Brenda may need a truck.
 She crocheted 3 blankets and 6 hats looks like.
And a bunch of booties.  Brenda is number one Aunt for sure!

Here is a towel she made.


Sister--Helen said...

I called Brenda...she is so sweet and so excited...she loves making beautiful things and living with barb I ma sure she has plenty of money to do it....she is so like Mammma...always kind and giving..

Sister--Three said...

I agree with you completely.