Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Walking With Friends

 Sunday these ladies picked me up and we all took our walk together.  Larry's Momma loved to walk and often she and several of the grandkids and I would walk together.  I am so tickled that Ingrid is taking up the habit.  Greta is like Astrid she loves running.  Sigrid likes walking pretty well, too. So maybe the walking tradition will carry on.  Sunday, Astrid and Sky ran 3 and a half miles.  Laura jogged 3 and a half.  Ingrid ran 4.  And the slow turtle walked 2 miles.  We all finished within a minute of each other so it was nice.

Yesterday, I stayed inside and cleaned some of my piles of stuff.   I told Laura I needed to just bag stuff up and trash it, but it is hard to do.I have 3 closets of clothes.  I wear only a few things.  Maybe in the spring, I will try a garage sale again.  If Siggie would help me, I think I can try it again.

Today, I fell instep with another walker.  She said she weighed over 400 pounds at one time.  Finally, she asked my name as she said I think I know you.  Well, I had taught her husband (died of drug overdose) and their two girls.  I knew all the husbands family and her youngest daughter and I had a good bond from school  She confided in me a lot after she found i had known her Daddy and did not speak harshly about him.  I told her he had a good heart but lost his way.  I sort of felt ashamed about not being able to get the 10 pounds off that I wish I did not carry around after I heard this lady's story.  She has gained back about 50 pounds of the 150 she lost.  She has copd and has to use a steroid inhaler.  I told her "don't give up".  Hopefully,  this helped me to see I should "not give up".  I need to keep stepping along.  I thought of what  Helen said, "there is always someone worse off than we are".  Don't have to look far either.

Erin is 36 today.  The Lord blessed me and let me keep her as I felt when she was 4 that she was going to be lost to me...but we don't know the plan.  We just need to continue on praying and trusting that we can do things that please our Lord.


Sunshine said...

Where is the picture of you?

Sister--Three said...

You did not take one.