Monday, March 7, 2016

Carpenters A Plenty!

I don't think Dennis and Babe Carpenter had any children.  Linda Lou King, my friend from High School, descends from Arlie Ray Carpenter who was the child of James Carpenter.  Arlie's daughter, Mabel Carpenter married B. King!  Making Linda Lou and me--cousins!  Amy, my new Patsy, has a brother who married into the Fay Carpenter family.  Fay's Grandmother was James Carpenter's sister--Henrietta Josephine Carpenter.  Josephine married a Carpenter, Michael Theodore, who was a cousin of her father.  Another sister in this family was Martha Jane Carpenter, Grandpa Gaddy's mother.  The Carpenter's were from Switzerland.  Their name was Zimmerman when they arrived here.  They were Mennonites.  I have a 1000 page book about the family, Helen, if you would like to read it!
 Found Linda in the U of A year book!
Aunt Babe Carpenter did an ok job on Momma's dress, but Grandma's looks pretty bad.  And don't you think, Sisters, that Grandma was trying to be a modern woman and got one of those "electric" perms.  Look at her hair.  I can just see her all hooked up with those electric rods.  It really gave her a frizz!
Chritmas 1974--me, Larry, Laura, Grandma Gaddy


Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. I will have to share this with my
brother and his wife Janice. Janice is the youngest daughter of Fay Carpenter.~Amy

Winnie Sneed said...

The results are in...-1% Native American